Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is more data being captured today than ever before, and the quantity of data is growing at an accelerating rate. While there is the potential for data to change our lives, and the world, in meaningful ways there are many challenges that come with the increased quantum of information. Questions abound about its effective collection and storage, safety and privacy and the looming questions of how to most effectively harness it. Early areas of success utilizing this information exist in the applications of predictive analytics, natural language processing, and image recognition.

There are many new exciting frontiers in the realm of behavior parsing, anticipation and prediction. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will have major impacts on a variety of largely unchanged legacy industries such as insurance, healthcare, financial services, transportation, logistics, and scientific research and development.

New AI enabled platforms will have to not only be useful to the select few versed in the subject, but will have to be accessible to less trained users broadly. There will be a revolution in the democratization of data usage and analysis. Consumers will be able to utilize and benefit from AI on the very handsets they each carry around daily, without the need for enterprise grade mainframe computing. For machines to surpass human intelligence, an enormous technological ecosystem has to be built. The ecosystem will require new tools that can handle the volume, speed, and varied nature of the growing data.  Artificial intelligence has the power to change our lives for the better, or worse if investment is not done intelligently, thoughtfully and cautiously.

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