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A.I. product life-cycle management utilizing deep learning applied to computer vision

Allegro is the brainchild of Moses Guttmann, Nir Bar-Lev, and Gil Westrich. Back in 2014 developments in AI and more specifically in deep learning, were making headlines regularly in academic circles. These events provided a glimpse into how this technology would revolutionize computer science in general and more specifically bring about a paradigm shift in computer vision. The three teamed up in 2016 to embark on a journey to address these challenges and opportunities with a vision of enabling every organization to leverage the full power of deep learning to build solutions for a better world.

From the get-go, the founders understood that any best of breed platform requires a combination of deep domain-expertise as well as superb software engineering in relevant areas. So the partners set up to build a 360-degree team in terms of the talent surrounding the problem statement. They brought in key talent in deep learning, high performance computing, backend, DevOps, embedded development, and product management.

Allegro has a two-tier offering. The first is Allegro Trains, an open-source ML/DL platform. You can use this to manage and track your experiments and collaborate with your colleagues. In addition, you can leverage ML-Ops and distributed training with no heavy lifting required from DevOps. The second offering is Allegro Enterprise, an end-to-end enterprise platform. This product scales up your workflows and moves to deployment leveraging powerful data management and pipeline building features; enhanced security, managed services & support plus other enterprise features.