Personalized Mobile Engagement Powered by Edge AI

Anagog has developed a ground-breaking mobile engagement platform, using innovative Edge AI technology to generate real-world insights. The product empowers companies to strengthen customer relationships and improve engagement to maximize the potential of their mobile apps.

By applying AI and ML in the phone and not in the cloud, the Anagog Edge AI engine preserves the highest level of privacy available today. It can understand user persona and real-time context, and accordingly can pull relevant data, campaigns and services from the cloud, without disclosing the user ID.

The result is phenomenal. For the first time, companies can serve a specific user with better personalized and contextualized offerings, without knowing who that user is. Following the new, stricter privacy regulations sweeping the globe, this is nothing less than a huge revolution.

These insightful real-world segments and moments ensure a fast rollout and results from Day 1.

As all the analysis is performed locally, on the device, Anagog overcomes cloud and OS limitations and does not even require real-time network connectivity. This cloud-independent technology ensures 90% push notification deliverability and delivers real-time engagement with no cloud latency.

Anagog’s solution is reinventing mobile engagement in a variety of industries, from retail & eCommerce to insurance and fintech to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), automotive and gaming. For any mobile app, it offers the opportunity to optimize onboarding, increase conversion rates, enhance engagement and reduce churn