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Artificial Intellegence on the edge

Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, linking our physical world with our digital identities, preferences and services. Mobile customers rely on mobile apps to travel, shop, book services, schedule activities and stay connected daily.

Connecting with the mobile customer in the real-world means that customer context is now more important than customer segment alone. Anagog’s unmatched core capability is to make mobility status detection and location data accessible to all. Via our ever-expanding global network of data-sharing partners, we turn billions of data points into structured factual data that enables actionable insights.

Anagog is a game-changing partner for apps developers, thanks to its ability to enhance the value of contextual services for applications by binding the sensors with the power of the crowd to enable the world’s largest real-time data analytics.

Embedded into millions of app user’s smartphones, Anagog’s JedAI SDK helps developers offer more user-centric and personalized services that enable higher user engagement whilst consuming only 1% battery consumption on average each day.

By analyzing multiple smartphone sensor signals, Anagog captures, analyzes and understands the real-time mobility status and location information of smartphone users, making it easy for to identify consumer behavior and competitive trends.