Orca AI

Safe Maritime Navigation through Artificial Intelligence

Orca AI innovates the marine navigation and collision avoidance field, by using deep learning and computer vision models generated by data from existing sensors and new vision sensors. The AI-driven platform is able to maximize the utilization of the ship’s sensors, as well as newly installed cameras, to accurately measure and record parameters of the vessel’s surroundings such as objects’ distance, speed, course over ground and more. The self sufficient system then analyzes this knowledge in order to detect and alert dangerous situations in real-time. Shipping companies, ship owners and crew members are working relentlessly in an effort to mitigate accidental collisions resulting in massive expenses and risk. This is especially prominent when referring to crowded waterways including multiple vessels, such as ports, channels, and near shore routes; where 90% of marine collisions occur. Orca AI is a solution that best serves all stakeholders. The algorithms are self-learning and are able to independently gather available and new data, accurately analyze it and provide life-saving alerts. Orca AI brings cutting-edge technology into the world of maritime transport.