The disruption of financial services.

The financial system is the fundamental rail system upon which global economic growth and development rides. Many of the constructs remain archaic, inefficient, labor intensive and prone to error. Financial technologies are undergoing a major shift because of the massive amounts of data that we can now leverage, and the advent of the blockchain which is enhancing the way we can move money and information in a confidential, reliable, and reconcilable way.

Massive, dinosaur, industries like insurance and mortgages, foreign exchange, banking, and investing are ripe for disruption. Blockchain technology, while most closely associated with the movement of value, has far broader and far-reaching applications, from identity verification and management, to voting, supply chain management, distributed energy supply, goods authentication, and even music and entertainment.

The changes in blockchain-enabled finance are deeply personal and globally significant as the middle class is growing in strength and numbers and are participating in, and shaping the conventional financial system, previously reserved for the “elite.” The technologies MizMaa sets out to invest in are ushering in a paradigm of transparency, personalization, privacy, safety, efficiency, accessibility and simplicity.