The future of transport is environmentally-friendly, connected, autonomous and shared.

The automotive industry is on the precipice of tremendous change. Cars are becoming increasingly connected, autonomous, electric, and shared. With the combination of advanced logistics technologies, next-generation sensors, voluminous new data that exists on road behaviors, and computer vision: the human element of driving will soon be minimized.

MizMaa wants to participate in the future that sees fewer deaths by human error, and where transportation is optimized for efficiency and expediency. Sustainable investment in the future of the automotive industry has the ability to improve quality of life by profoundly reducing harmful emissions, decreasing pollution. Autonomous driving has the power to add huge volumes of formerly unproductive hours to people’s lives.

Urban congestion can give way to hours of leisure, and productivity. Intelligent investment will reduce the need for garages, and dispersed fueling stations making way for better use of real estate. Next generation mobility will help make room to free up the labor force for higher productivity jobs. Car ownership may become a vestige of the past.

Investment in this ecosystem will have a positive impact on the trucking industry, mining industry, global logistics, commercial traffic and ultimately, in the end, the consumer’s quality of life. This revolution is occurring on a global scale with countries in the East and the West pouring billions into autonomous transportation, and even allowing live tests on public roads.